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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Elizabeth Ann Seton
Saints Peter & Paul San Antonio

This ministry, unique in name to the Southwest of the USA and mostly widely recognized and used in New Mexico, is often the backbone of the local churches within a parish.  It is normally done by married couples or even families but is open to any group of parishioners who want join together to serve God and his Church in a way that is not conspicuous but has tremendous impact on the welfare of the community and the facilities of the parish.


Mayordomos care for and clean the inside of the church and sacristy. They work in teams that are scheduled to clean on a frequency determined by the number of teams…obviously the more the merrier!   Identifying and reporting necessary repairs and facility improvements are an interesting part of the ministry since it give the Mayordomo leave to look at their church buildings in close detail assuring that the building is in good condition and reflects the overall community’s attention to the dwelling place of the Lord.

The beauty of this ministry is the time spent alone at the church to do the cleaning and to praise God while working. Praying aloud and singing aloud during the work makes for a beautiful 1 on 1 time with the Lord and allows for a closeness that is often unattainable in a group setting. Many of those who serve in this ministry attribute this time with God as some of the best hours and minutes of their week outside of the Mass itself.

The Mayordomos perform some additional tasks: unlocking the church doors for services, preparing necessary items liturgical (books, candles, water, wine, hosts, and vessels), ringing the bells before Mass, coordinating the taking up of the collection, sending the gifts forward with volunteers that they select and assuring for the laundering the linens with that ministry.

A wonderful portion of the mayordomo’s duties is that of a Sacristan. The sacristan prepares the necessary objects for each Mass or Communion Service, placing them in their appropriate areas: the Lectionary on the Ambo, the Sacramentary at the Altar Server Station and the sacramentals for communion on the credence table. Tasks include lighting the candles and replacing them as necessary; setting out the books, cups, plates, bread, and wine for Mass; and clearing the items from the sanctuary after the liturgy. In addition to weekend Masses, sacristans prepare the altar area for weddings, funerals, and other prayer services.

In short, the Mayordomo is the go to person for the parishioners, deacons and the priest and is essential in the smooth running of the Mass. You will arrive early, leave late and be one of the most fulfilled of all of God's creatures.

If you wish to participate in this ministry please contact the parish office of talk to one of the current Mayordomos who will guide you on how to join them in the service of our God and our Church.


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